Friday, May 13, 2011

Yesterday...I guess blogger was broken

I'm not sure if it will return my blogs that I've written since my beginning blog since blogger decided to "temporarily" delete them, but I will move forward regardless.  Yesterday, my goal was to consume 700 calories or less.  I had 657.  I burned around 150 calories from various activities such as walking, cleaning, taking out the dogs, etc.
Intake: 657
Output: 150
Total: 507
This is a little higher than I was aiming for, but I'll do better today.  (I'll post about today's activities tonight)
Here was my meal plan yesterday:
10am: Peanut Butter 1.5 tbs = 157 calories
          Skim Milk 8 ounces = 90 calories
12:30pm: Boca Burger (plain no bun) = 100 calories
3:00pm: Sourkraut and mustard = 0 calories! (yes that's right, 0)
             1/2 cup of greenbeans = 20 calories
5:00pm: Whole wheat pasta with italian dressing = 290 calories
Total calories = 657

Not a horrible day, but could be better.  I definitely need to workout more.

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  1. Yea blogger will put back our old posts soon. The "scheduled maintance" is kind of annoying. Good job on your intake today :)