Thursday, May 12, 2011

New Diet Plan

I know that I said I was going to follow the ABC diet plan, but I'm going to change it up a bit.  Mainly because I've been doing research and I've read a lot of comments of people's hair falling out or teeth falling out.  I think that if my hair falls out I will be ruining what I am striving for.  So my new diet is to eat anywhere between 600-1000 calories a day and burn at least 250 calories by exercising.  The calories will be random each day (kind of like the ABC diet).  For example, Day 1 will be 800, Day 2 will be 900, Day 3 will be 600, etc.  Also, I will go no more than 3 hours without eating (unless its after 8pm or I am sleeping). Like, at 10am I'll eat a slice of toast, at 12:30pm I'll eat a fruit, at 2:30pm I'll have some veggies, etc.  This way, it keeps my metabolism working constantly.  I'll keep my results posted and let you know how it is going.  Also, I'm going to start responding to comments in my blog posts in case you aren't seeing my responses behind them. 

Response to JT: Do you have a recipe for your homemade chili that you would want to share? Also, I had to practice with smaller heels (like kitty heels) and keep working my way up. Now I absolutely love them and they make you look taller and skinnier. And, they work your calves while you walk in them. You can't go wrong!

Response to Americaneagle love and JT: Thanks you guys for the good advice! I appreciate it! I'll definitely have to look into those things.


  1. I posted the recipe for you on my page :) Let me know if you have any questions I'd be happy to help.

    Btw I think I'll look into getting some wedges when I reach 150lbs. That will be my reward for making my goal :D

  2. Yea you can post it on your page.

    And 8oz or 1 cup is the serving I go by. There is no "official" serving size since it's just a recipe I throw together. It's healthy so I don't worry about the size to much.

  3. I appreciate your thoughts on this. I had been considering trying the ABC diet, but you make a valid point. I'm going to try your plan instead, I really don't want to lose any hair or teeth either, yikes!

  4. I'm definitely trying this, it seems like a great idea! I was going to try the regular ABC, but it's true the side effects are too detrimental to actually consider- the plan is to be beautiful, not a skeleton!
    Good luck, lots of love. xx