Thursday, May 19, 2011

On a positive note....

Today is fasting day! Normally, that wouldn't have an exclamation point on it, but after yesterday's (probably 2000 calorie) day, my body needs a break.  I think it was freaking out after all of the food I ate.  I made the bad decision of stepping on the scale this morning.  Even when I knew the numbers would be up.  I think all it did was determine me to work harder, though.  So, maybe it wasn't completely bad. 

Last night at the gym, my stomach was hurting too much after all of that food to do the Turbo Kick class, so I waited a little while and did the Spinning Class. I don't know if this is TMI, but my butt REALLY hurts now.  Have any of you ever taken a Spinning Class? Did your butt hurt afterwards or am I just weird?  I don't think I'll be attending that class anymore. 

Today was just a short update.  I hope everyone has a wonderful day.  I'm enjoying reading all of your blogs.  Also, I am loving all of the support I'm getting from each and every one of you.  Thank you so much for your kind comments, they always make my day brighter. 


  1. I've never done a spinning class but there are biking shorts with a padded butt for bikers. Wouldn't surprise me if people wore them to spinning classes. Good luck fasting! :) Stay strong!

  2. Good luck on your fast!
    I am not cut out for that sort of thing; I love food too much to completely deprive myself of it.
    Ah, spinning classes.
    My older sister is way into fitness and being healthy (she teaches a Pilates class at our local women's fitness center) and she has done spinning before.
    She hated it too, haha! :)
    I hope today goes well for you!
    Hang in there and stay strong love! <3

  3. Good luck with your fast! You can do it!
    I fasted today as well ^_^

  4. A fast always feels great after a binge. LOVE that photo with the mirror. Have a great fasting day! :)

  5. Good luck on your fast! And good job on working out even though you weren't feeling well :) most people probably would have called it a day

  6. i fucking hate spinning classes my ass always hurts so bad haha! thanks for all your advice and support btw:)

  7. You should def try yoga! It will get a lean and flexible body some what like a dancer or ballerina.

    And spinning class always hurts my ass too lol.

  8. i love spin (I'm weird). I think all the sweating and loud music makes me feel like I burned a lot of kcals. If you do try it again (which i'm not saying you should if you hated it) try keeping your butt further back on the seat which relieves pressure. The pain will pass after a few classes. The only caution is that spin makes you feel like you burned a lot kcals, but you have to be careful not to eat more because that defeats the purpose! So there's a whole lot of useless info you prob don't want or need. Good luck with the fast! Love your blog:)

  9. I hope you do well on your fast.