Thursday, May 12, 2011

"Love those shoes..."

Today I decided to wear a pair of red wedge heels.  They're killer on the feet, but I like them.  I've had a couple of compliments on them today.  Compliments always brighten my day :)  I can't wait until I start receiving compliments such as "you've lost so much weight" or "can I have your dieting secrets, I wanna look like you."  I am hoping in time these compliments will come. 
These are very similar to the ones I wore today, but I thought the polka dot ones were really cute, so I decided to post those too :)


  1. Those those shoes OMG. I wish I knew how to walk in heels lol I've never wore a pair before. Super cute though!

    To reply to your comment...for my intake yesterday I had the a small cup of homemade chili that was 150-200 cal, lunch was a plum and a half cup of sugar free apple sauce for 80 cal, and dinner pizza was 1080 cal.

  2. JT, do you have a recipe for your homemade chili that you would want to share?

  3. Also, I had to practice with smaller heels (like kitty heels) and keep working my way up. Now I absolutely love them and they make you look taller and skinnier. And, they work your calves while you walk in them. You can't go wrong!