Friday, May 13, 2011

Why is it so hot outside?

When it's hot, I have an even lesser urge to workout than I would if it were a comfortable temperature outside.  Its okay, though, I still got in 2.5 hours of walking and I plan to clean for about an hour later, so that's a decent amount of calories burned.
My goal today was to consume 600 or less calories.  However, I consumed 627.  I'll just have to get better!

This morning I was the same weight as a I was yesterday.  This is always disappointing.  I mean a least drop .2 pounds or something. DON'T STAY EXACTLY SAME! On a positive note, at least I didn't gain.  I think I would've cried.  

The overall for today was -47 calories. It makes me happy that I worked hard enough for me to be in the negatives!
Calorie Intake: 627
Calories Burned:
2.5 hours walking: 422
Cleaning 1 hour: 246
Total: -47

On a side note...beets are 0 calories so you can eat as many as you want and they have fiber in them.  Also, if you add horseradish to it, it makes it spicy which kicks your metabolism in gear. I love it!


  1. Good job on the low intake. I really need to learn how to do this!

  2. negative intake is awesome! good job, you'll soon start to see the pounds falling off!

  3. Beets do not have zero calories. They have about 37 calories per half cup.