Saturday, June 4, 2011

That horrible food addiction

I ate SOOOO much food yesterday: cookies, pizza, doughnut, chocolate milk, regular soda, ice cream, etc.  It was like I was celebrating something, but no I just wanted to eat. I expected the weight gain to be horrendous, but it wasn't as bad as I thought, only .8 lb gain.  Weight gain is never good, but it definitely could have been worse.

I've had 3 people decide to join me on the SKD challenge:  Britni Marie, Megan Winters, and Ariana. If I missed your name please let me know. We are starting on Monday so you still have time to join.  If you're worried about going over the calories, the diet just calls for you to work off any calories that you go over the given amount. Thanks for those who have already joined!! 


  1. Yesterday was horrible for me too- something about the weekend always does that so a lot of people- makes us want to eat more.

    I'm really excited about starting the SKD/SGD with you! I love the structure and organization of diets. The thing that I love the most about the SKD/SGD is that is gives you the opportunity to burn off extra calories you might have consumed and it allows for more calories than the ABC.

  2. Sorry yesterday was a bad day! Your gain isn't bad though. I'll do the diet too.

  3. Totally hear you:( Today was awful for me. I was gone for a few days and not being at home always throws me off terribly.
    Also, I would like to join you in the SKD challenge. It will definitely help me to have the extra accountability and encouragement!

  4. I actually started the SKD (SGD? lol) last week, but for the sake of having support and goals and weigh-ins, I want to join and restart the challenge. :)

    Woohoo, I'm soooo excited! We should start a group on FB so we can all talk in a specific place. lol

  5. YES YES to the Facebook group:D I love that idea!! For me at least the group support is going to be the most important part for me.
    will attempt to sleep now so i can make it to the gym tomorrow for DAY 1!!!

  6. good luck on the skinny girl diet. you can do it, lovely. <3