Thursday, June 2, 2011

Diet Tips: By You

As a disclaimer to this post, I want to say that these are not necessarily diet tips that I use.  These are diet tips sent in by you.  The tips posted in this blog are not to be assumed that they are condoned by me.

AJ:    My trick: I keep a punnet of safe fruits in the fridge, something like cherry tomatoes, grapes or blueberries. I frequently have this urge when I go in to the kitchen to eat something - ANYTHING - and because I have these safe foods (they are often called negative calorie foods as raw they take more energy to digest than they provide) I can steer clear of other things such as biscuits or bread as well as get some more vitamins in!

Ivy:   I brush my teeth after meals. It really helps me psychologically to switch modes from "eating" to "done eating." Also when my mouth feels fresh and clean I don't really want to eat more and mess it up!

Wings to Set me Free:   sometimes i purposely burn my tongue so things don't taste as good

Gianni:   I smoke and brush my teeth. Smoking helps eliminate my hunger and brushing my teeth makes me not want to eat. Exactly like Ivy said.

Brbneedtopiss:   I drink only tea. It really helps and it has no calories! It fills you up & you can have as many cups are you want!

HeatherMB:   I take nibbles of what i eat and after each bite i take a big gulp of water. this makes me feel full fast and keeps me refreshed.

~christy~:   My trick: i eat very slowly and take little bites of food, even if it's veggies. I also never salt my meal, i prefer spices.

Mia:   I drink tea or work out until i dont want to eat anymore.

Nichole S.:   I bring coffee with me everywhere I go. Sometimes tea, but more often coffee because it's bitter. If I think I'm getting hungry, I just take a few drinks and the bitter taste, like, completely wipes away the urge to eat.

Britni Marie:   It's been a while since I worked out, but I noticed if i started to feel hungry, and I worked out before I ate, my hunger would go away. and the majority of the time when you think you're hungry, you're actually thirsty for water.


  1. Awesome post!
    Thank you for sharing all of these!
    I needed this today. :)
    Hang in there and stay strong love. <3

  2. It's nice seeing all the comments posted. They're all really good idea. Especially the coffee idea and working out until you're simply not hungry anymore.

  3. omg life saver !!! i needed this thank u !!!!

  4. I like these tricks :)
    I definitely do the black coffee and tea thing, I count them as 0 calories and yet they make me feel less hungry.

  5. I love this post! These are great! (:

  6. Can I add a little trick I don't think anyone mentioned? I chew a gum after eating or whenever I feel hungry :)cheers!