Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Do you follow?

I want to be skinny, but I'm soooo huge.  This makes me sad.  I used to wear anything I wanted and looked cute in it.  Now my clothes don't even fit.  I wear sweats all the time.  Then I feel fat and like a slob.  What's wrong with me?!?!  I drink these meal replacement shakes.  I'm thinking of only drinking 2 a day and having that as my meals for 2 weeks.  Thoughts?

For all my followers:  If you are a follower and I haven't followed you back, please respond to this post with a link to your blog so that I can follow you.

On a different note: Did any of you get an email from a girl wanting to do a study on those with pro-ana blogs?


  1. I got a comment from the research lady, I just let it sit there debating on if I should answer her. I feel like it's weird and random, not sure how I feel about her randomly commenting people.

  2. http://mylifethroughmyeyes-ephemera.blogspot.com/

  3. I think you're already folling me under the name "Just Me"....correct?


  4. I got the research comment a few days ago- seems like EVERY blog I follow has one. Spam much? :/ I'm right with you in the "feeling like a slob" category. My pants are tight on me so all I do it wear workout pants and it make me feel like a lazy fatty! Well, the summer has just begun so we still have plenty of time to reach our goals! With hard work and determination, we will get there!

  5. Don't be sad, you're already on your way to being skinny if I'm not mistaken, just be patient, you'll get there(:
    And I've never tried those shakes but sounds like a good plan, at some point I used to drink two glasses of milk a day [about 200 cals] and I lost like 10 pounds in two weeks.
    Idk if it's the same but you can lose a lot!

    aandd http://beingbeautiful-ednos.blogspot.com

    oh and never got any email :p
    Stay persistent!

  6. And yes yes I only drank two glasses of milk a day [one in the morning and one for dinner] ate nothing else... not even tea or anything... I did it for like a month and a half or so...
    Something clicked in me, willpower I guess.

    I lost a lot, but I was so weak all the time |:

  7. You just need to find what works best for you, love.
    Once you find that, the weight will drop off in no time. :)
    I hope you are doing awesome; you deserve it!
    Stay positive, stay beautiful. <3

  8. I have been doing it and I end up really edgy and cranky... I also tend to go on an insane binge/purge session normally a few days after.. Or during the weekends.. and it results in me gaining back everything.. hence the insane yoyo effect I have been having lately.. I also get sloppy, have a hard time to focus at work.. I am not saying the same will happen to you, but the problem with these shakes are that if you dont keep the calories low after you end them, you gain it all back in a few days..

    So I don't really know hon.. I am still thinking about what I am going to do now that I suddenly don't have a plan anymore..

    Gl hon.. Hope you figure it out <3

  9. thts super weird a/b the reasearch lady . ik wat u mean i wnna look good in anything!!!

  10. I didn't get the research email.


    Yeah, I get whatcha mean. The meal replacement diet seems like an okay idea. Sorry about that guy from the post after this. (I only replied to this because it had more of the stuff I wanted to reply to.)

  11. I want a research email! lol. I feel out of the loop.

    I think doing the shakes would be a great idea - but maybe allow yourself some raw fruits and veggies too just incase you start feeling stressed, anxious or really tired. You can never go wrong with fruits and veggies. :)

  12. I did the replacement shakes a couple of years ago. 2 a day, but only for like a week.. They tasted horrible, lol.

    I feel like shit when I gain.. But it's like I have to think positive to stay motivated and not make my mess worse.

  13. I was sure I had commented but I guess my comment got lost.

    I was on these Bioslim milkshake meal replacements, they reacted badly with my digestive system. I didn't eat or move for 3 days. SO yeah I lost weight but I felt like at any moment, the angel of death would visit me.

    BUt i suspect it was just my box that was off cause my friend did it too and she didn't get ill like me.

    I also got the comment from that lady, I'm ignoring it. I have enough things keeping me busy.