Thursday, August 16, 2012


This afternoon I took 3 laxatives....did they work? NO! WTH!! Now I just feel like I have to throw up...maybe I should. That would make me feel better after the crappy day of eating I've had.  That's the reason I took the lax to begin with.

Ugh and now I can't workout because my stomach hurts! This was dumb.  Why aren't they doing their job? I even drank it with a glass of water like it said.  I also had coffee, which is supposed to make you go to the bathroom as well.  Not a huge fan of taking these things and not getting results.

So in other news, I'm still fat.  I went out last night and a few people were like "you look so skinny." In my head I'm going, "You're full of crap! Have you seen the numbers on my scale? They haven't moved!"  Maybe it was because I wore one of those flowy shirts that hides my fat.

I'm going to the beach myself. Fun fun (sarcasm). I'm going to visit friends but they have to work.  But they live like 2 blocks from the beach so I'll just go hang out there.  At least there won't be anyone there that I know to judge my whale likeness in my bathing suit.  I hope I don't blind anyone.

I need to run more or do more of something...or less of eating. Ugh, I'm a failure. I don't have the willpower to not eat.  Anyways, I was down like . 8lbs this morning.  Not much to celebrate, especially considering it's going to be back up in the morning because of the way I ate today.

Anyways, hope everyone else is having a better day then I am.  Much love!

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