Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas THIN diet Challenge Begins!! (Updated)

I'm so glad that many of you have jumped on board for the Christmas challenge.  I am wanting to lose 20 lbs by Christmas, which is 4 weeks away.  I am going to post everyone's progress (that is doing the challenge) on my blog weekly. My current plan to lose the weight is to stick with HCG.  However, I will do the diet like I am supposed to and not by cheating all of the time. See below at all those who are participating:

-Sam Lupin wants to lose 16lbs
-Wings to Set me Free is participating (no specific weight set)
-Ivy is participating (no specific weight set)
-Em is participating (no specific weight set)
-Adelia is participating (no specific weight set)
-Miranda wants to lose 4.5lbs
-MindingMyOwnBusiness is participating (no specific weight set)
-Princess Perfection wants to lose 10lbs
-Thinqueen1 wants to lose 30lbs
-determined girl is participating (no specific weight set)
-Kat not Jas wants to lose 7lbs
-skinnyobsession9 wants to lose 10lbs
-Claire wants to lose 10.1lbs
-Dragonfly wants to lose 10lbs
-MindingMyOwnBusiness wants to lose 10lbs
-Kitty wants to lose 20lbs
-americaneaglelove is participating (no specific weight set)

Thanks for all those that are participating!!!


  1. Can you update mine to 4.5 lbs? Ugg...hate to have to say it but that's what it is starting now. Good luck to everyone!!

  2. I hope its not to late to join i want to lose 10 pounds

  3. Awesome!
    So glad that so many are participating. :)
    We can do this!!!
    Stay positive, stay beautiful. <3

  4. I love that you posted this! This has REALLY motivated me. I now hold myself accountable to someone else besides me. :o) Thanks! xoxo Best of luck to you and everyone who's joining in!

  5. Can I join?
    I'm not sure if you remember me, Its been a while but I used to be Almost.Skinny (changed my name but still have my food blog).
    I'm hoping to loose 4.6kgs (10.1 lbs)
    Hope you're well xxx

  6. Can I join too? I am gonna lose 10 lbs. :)
    Good luck to everyone! *mwah*

  7. Wow, good for you guys! Good luck to you all. :)))

  8. Hey is it too late to join the Christmas challenge?

  9. Ugg.. I have no idea how I have managed to unfollow your blog.. My blogger weird a while back..

    Anywho :) I want inn! sign me up for 20 lbs too..

  10. Hey I want to lose 10pounds by christmas and I've lost 4.1pounds so far. I'm currently 127.9pounds :)