Friday, July 8, 2011

Gain no more!

So I pretty much gave up on the SGD.  It wasn't really working for me anymore.  Mainly because I don't have self control.
I know I had mentioned before that my husband lifts weights a lot and is pretty much a body builder.  He is going to start a personal training class soon so he can get his certification.  I am his first "victim."  Haha, not really victim, but he's training me.  I had gained back up to 162, but with his help I'm back down to 159.  He's actually really good at this and even though sometimes I want to bop him on the head I know I'm going to be gracious when I have the body that I want.  I really want to give you guys some pictures but I haven't had any change to provide you guys with them.  Ugh, so frustrating.
I haven't been on here in a while and I've been neglecting a lot of blogs so I'm going to spend about 20 minutes and comment on some blogs.  I'll post some pictures for you to enjoy :).


  1. I've never been much for following diets like the SGD. I just have such a hard time with the numbers and such. You're so lucky to have someone to help you tone up and slim down. More muscle means more calories burned. Stay strong. :)

  2. I couldent do ABC or SGD
    I might try again with SGD
    but I'm better off with doing
    what I want when I want lol
    I'm happy your making progress
    and the Last picture has to be
    my fave! Her body is stunning! <3

  3. That's really great that you're working to get fit along with the losing weight! That takes a lot of drive and strength.

  4. I'm really horrible at following diets. It just sounds like too much work for me, and the stress of never wanting to go over makes me binge or something...
    Just find something that works for you and do it up! :)

    < 3

  5. I'm awful at dieting. I think at the start how I'll definitely stick to it but I never do. I get sidetracked and put it off. It's so difficult. I don't have the support that I need, I think. Well done to you and your husband though. :) xx

  6. I never had the self-control for the SGD either- so we're both in the same boat! Don't beat yourself up too much over it though...many folks (definitely myself included here) are better off doing things our own way instead of sticking to a certain diet. I really hope your personal training goes well- you're going to have a fit bod in no time! ♥

  7. Hey again! Wow you are lucky to have a knowledgeable almost-PT on tap, good luck with your new routine :)

    Love AJ xx

  8. Dieting's definitely not for everybody. Great job with the training! x

  9. I struggle so much with eating teeny tiny amounts of calories every single day so I avoid things like that or I'm just setting myself up to fail.

    Your husband is a body builder, wow! Sometimes it's harder when the person training you is someone you're close to and sometimes it's easier and it makes you more accountable.

    good luck :)

  10. Sounds like this new plan is gonna be a good one. :)
    I probably would have given up on the SGD too, to be honest.
    I wish I had someone in my life that was a body builder and could help train me, haha!
    Hope you are doing great!
    Stay positive, stay beautiful. <3

  11. yeah I've been doing the SGD which goes really well on days when I have nothing planned but my social life and my constant weekends away make it impossible to stick to unless I become a social recluse which is NOT good. been there done that. I think it's great your hubby is training you! That definitely makes you more accountable, good luck with the hardcore training sessions! xx